Form Follows Function

Form follows function. It’s a simple principle: that the shape of a building (or, in this case, a shoe) should be based on the purpose of the building/shoe.

Why is this concept so difficult for shoe designers to grasp as we head into the fall?

Peep toe boots. Seriously?

I think we can all agree that the primary purpose of a boot is to keep one’s feet and ankles warm and dry during the less temperate months. There are other purposes – to look like a badass, to put those scraps of cow hide to good use – but the primary is to keep feet warm and dry.

This cannot be accomplished with peep toes. The most difficult thing about boots is keeping your toes warm when it’s cold out. There is no reason to have your toes hanging out. Even when it’s warm, there’s no reason to cover your entire foot and ankle with leather, only to have your toes exposed like a hobo who has worn through his last pair of shoes. It’s just not necessary.

And even worse, the combination shootie/peep toe. I hate the shootie. Hate it. Violently. It either makes you look like you’re on your way to the Neverland Transvestite Ball, or like you have cloven hooves.

It’s not even a real boot! It’s a hybrid cop-out. It’s what you wear when you think, “Hm, I sort of feel like wearing a boot, but I’m not really committed to the idea. Plus, the top of my arch is just so sexy, I’d like to keep it exposed.” And this is not actually a thought sane people have.

As a change of pace, these are all crazy expensive, as opposed to the bargain-basement Forever 21 selections normally featured. If you’re itching to drop $400+ on a pair of shoes, the links are below … but, I’d advise you to spare yourself and others. Instead, spend the $400+ on a worthwhile cause, like buying me these:

Giuseppe Zanotti I97071 – $760
Marc by Marc Jacobs 694905 – $465
Giuseppe Zanotti I96070 – $650
Betsey Johnson Calandra – $150
Betsey Johnson Caitlin – $200

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