Checks in the City

I’d like to think the name of this dress, “Weekend in the City Dress,” comes from the fact that this is what clothing designers think a country girl would wear for her big trip into the city.

I can just imagine the narrative: Mama made her the dress special for the church social, but when Mama heard she was going to the city, she sewed on some extra fabric around the hips, so that the pickpockets in the city wouldn’t be able to find her change purse.

At least, that’s the only reasoning I can think of for why this dress has such an excess of fabric.

And this is what her slutty cousin would wear, when she sneaks out on the weekends to go neck with the city boys:

ModCloth Weekend in the City Dress – $82.99
Forever 21 Helen Gingham Knit Dress – $22.80

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