Close Encounters of the Skirt Kind

Sometimes, fashion isn’t just about clothing. It’s about the message.

With that in mind, what do you think the designers at Unique, a line carried by Topshop, are trying to tell us?

It could just be that they bought more of the UFO-patterned fabric than they needed, so they had to get creative.

But think about it: who would buy this much fabric thinking there would be a demand for UFO-patterned skirts? No, the more likely answer is, they’re trying to tell us something. They’re trying to warn us about an impending alien invasion.

If only they could give us some hint as to where they’ll be attacking. Then we could know how best to fortify against them …

Thank you, Unique. You’ve done mankind a great service. Now quickly, someone call Captain Steve Hiller. We’ve got some aliens for him to punch.

Topshop Flying Saucers Dress – $160
Topshop Stretch Skirt by Unique – $100
Topshop Spacesuit Jumper by Unique – $135
Topshop Parliament Print T by Unique – $90

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