Costume Ideas #4 – Cheap Sheena

For some reason, whenever I picture the Real Housewives of New Jersey dressed in Halloween costumes, I imagine them all dressed as kittens – black skintight jumpsuits, big teased hair, and a tail pinned on. Modeling this look is Teresa Giudice:

(thanks to MS Paint – sorry for the Perez-level quality)

Not that I normally picture – or edit pictures of – the Real Housewives in Halloween costumes. In fact, the only reason the mental image popped into my head was because I saw this dress.

If they get tired of dressing like their mafia husband’s kitty, they can go as Sheena, Queen of Jersey.

Arden B. Shirred Animal Print Twist Strap Dress – $39.99 Funky Cat Costume – $33.95

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