Forever 21 Did This on Purpose

It’s like Forever 21 actively wants to be featured on this site. Which, given that they friended me on Twitter (probably because they do keyword searches for their names, the vain bastards), it could be the case.

This is not something I would ever wear. I hate those built-in bra cups. Hate them. They make me think of eyelids, and I don’t want my breasts to be able to blink. They should be unblinking. That’s what I like about them.

The top finishes in yet another style I hate: the bubble hem. That’s right. A bubble hem that ends at a voluminous skirt. Because that’s a great look for anybody other than Barbie Thighs the Model.

I’d keep the belt, though. So the dress isn’t a total wash, right?

What? It’s the Jewish New Year, I’m trying to be a little kinder and find something good in everyone.

Ooh, and for those of you who are dying for those denim dresses from the first post,, they’re on sale!

Forever 21 Denim and Plaid Dress – $39
Forever 21 X-Posed Denim Dress – $9.99
Forever 21 Denim Jumper Dress – $11.99

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