Intrepid Field Reporter Melissa Presents …

Thanks to Intrepid Field Reporter Melissa for bringing Topshop to my attention. She journeyed to the New York store a few weeks ago and tried on this delight:

Why yes, this is a denim romper with molded cups. So good of you to notice!

The one thing – ONE THING – this does have going for it is that the waist is clearly defined, unlike on most other rompers. The corseted top actually does give it a shape that’s not unflattering, per se. But it has those damn molded cups, and you know how I loathe them. There’s no way for molded cups not to look cheap. This romper is what Daisy Duke would wear in the CW remake of The Dukes of Hazzard. Which, again I would totally watch because it would probably involve Bo and Luke being estranged cousins who are competing for the spots on the high school football team, and Daisy would be their next door neighbor who they’re also competing for.

Anyway, this introduces a new feature I’ll be adding to this blog – the clothes in real life. I’m occasionally going to go out to the stores and try the clothes on, to show how horrifying they look on a real person. In this case, here is Intrepid Field Reporter Melissa modeling the Vintage Cupped Denim Playsuit:

In her words – “This is an actual outfit available for purchase at Top Shop. Try to keep your tongues off the floor, gentlemen!”

Indeed, Melissa. Indeed.

Topshop Vintage Cupped Denim Playsuit – $90

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