Invested in Gossip Girl

First off, in a bit of cross-promotion, I will be blogging for a Gossip Girl fashion blog called “You Know You Love Fashion.”

Having said that:

Doesn’t this look like something Serena would wear to school in yet another very loose interpretation of the Constance uniform? Can’t you just see her wearing this while talking B out of her latest crazy revenge scheme, or arguing with Dan over whether or not he’s a self-righteous dick? Then Dan would make some obnoxious comment about how not everyone has money and privilege, and he would storm back to his massive Brooklyn loft of poverty, and Kristen Bell would say something like, “Uh-oh, looks like Lonely Boy isn’t ready for S’s fringe benefits” while Serena stands in the courtyard looking gorgeous and vaguely perturbed.

Man, I’m so glad Gossip Girl is back.

ModCloth Midnight Cowgirl Vest – $199

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