Magic Eye

Looking at these skirts and tops, I can’t help but feel like Ethan Suplee’s character from Mallrats. I just keep staring at them, but I can’t see the damn sailboat.

I’m pretty sure that first skirt was used in the poster for The Mothman Prophecies.

Man, the ways in which these patterns would be unflattering … I can’t even begin to explain. But yeah, there is no way that any of these would work on me. And, frankly, I wouldn’t want to. If a guy is going to unblinkingly be staring at me in a mall, I don’t want it to be because he’s trying to see a hidden image on my dress. I want it to be because either a) I’m smoking hot, or b) I’ve just insulted him so deftly that he doesn’t even know what’s happened.

Topshop X-Ray Print Bodycon Skirt – $50

Topshop Cosmic Ruch Waist Skirt – $50

Topshop Cosmic Bodycon Vest – $50

Topshop Premium Spirograph Tunic Vest – $55

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