Really, Topshop?

I recently started surfing the Topshop site, thanks to intrepid field reporter Melissa (who will be featured in a later post for her intrepid field reporting). The first day I started looking through the site, I was delighted: it was the perfect mix of awful clothing and amazing clothing, so I didn’t feel like it was too easy a target. But as I flipped through the different tabs I had opened, I had to check the url to make sure this dress did in fact come from Topshop and not Forever21.

Come on, Topshop. We both know you’re better than this. Even your ugliest offerings don’t look flat-out cheap. This is what that one girl with the cheap fake hair and frosted lip gloss wears to junior prom, before she gets totally wasted on schnapps and throws up in the limo.

I even surfed through the Forever 21 site, just to make sure that there wasn’t anything similar. I checked Charlotte Russe, Arden B – all my go-tos for tacky evening wear, and nothing.

The fabric looks cheap, the cut looks cheap, the wearer will look cheap. It’s not hideous, it’s not a train wreck like some of the other dresses I’ve posted. It’s just … cheap. Which, if that’s the look you’re going for, power to you. I just think you can achieve it for less than $80.

And they don’t even sell the matching stripper shoes to make an outfit out of it.

Topshop Gold Panel Bodycon Dress – $80

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