Southwest Flavor Leaves A Bad Taste In My Mouth

I went to Santa Fe last Christmas for the first time and loved it. It’s all kinds of amazing and OH MY GOD THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS. Whenever I eat salsa now, I cry a little because it’s not Tomasita’s salsa. After getting back from the trip, I was depressed for a month because I wasn’t there anymore.

This coat depresses me for a whole new reason:

For starters, it’s ugly. It’s ugly and made of those scratchy blankets that they sell in Southwest-themed gift stores where they also sell turquoise belts and dream catchers.

Second of all, I was there in the dead of winter. I was there during a snow storm. And not once did I see someone in anything that vaguely resembled this coat. I know this may be a shocking concept, but the residents of New Mexico dress just like any other member of the union – in normal coats.

Thirdly, this thing retails for $119. That’s at least $60 more than one of those ugly blankets costs, and you can’t buy a dreamcatcher to accompany it.

ModCloth Albuquerque Coat – $119.99

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