Waist Not, Want Not 1

I love it when bad puns make for such succinct titles.

Hey, you know what these are? $75 polyester high waist shorts. I’m guessing the inseam is about 3 inches long; that leaves a whole 15.75 inches of high waist. This would leave the high waist resting somewhere along my bra line, as though I’m starring as Urkelle in a CW “reimagining” of Family Matters.

Seriously – you know that if it were on the CW, even Urkelle’s wardrobe would be ridiculously expensive and vaguely on-trend. Also, someone would probably end up dead by the first episode, there would be a mysterious new boy in school, and everyone would look like they’re 27 – both kids and parents.

Don’t lie. You know you’d watch that show.

ModCloth My Way or the High Waist Shorts – $74.99

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One comment on “Waist Not, Want Not

  1. Reply Enop Mar 23, 2014 9:05 am

    Exactly!!! I got a small pack (it’s the largest poibssle carry-on size) to force myself to pack ultralight, so now I do.I want to buy two more small size compression packs one for underwear now one for laundry! Thanks for that idea!

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