Costume Ideas #16: Lost & Found 1

Were you hoping to wear a jaunty cap with your Halloween costume this year? A better dressed Wenda (or Wilma) from Where's Waldo? - or, if you're feeling a little more adventurous, a cross-dressing Waldo. ModCloth Pom-Pomegranate Hat - $24.99 American Apparel Stripe Pocket Frock - $41

Street Walking

Do you love hookers with a heart of gold, but get sick of wearing that same old Pretty Woman tee-shirt? Thanks to Guess, now you can add some variety to your wardrobe. Guess Phoebe Ruby Tee - $39

Costume Ideas #15: Andrew Lloyd Webber Presents

Looking to go a little biblical this Halloween, but want to keep your unique style? Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Cardigan! Although, if you have six older brothers, I do not recommend wearing this. Forever21 Rainbow Toggle Sweater Cardigan - $27.80

Costume Ideas #14: Sexy Star Wars 1

Want to be a sexy character from Star Wars, but sick of the Slave Leia costume? Well, here's your chance. That's right. You can be a sexy Wookie. Forever 21 Urban Faux Fur Vest - $24.80

The Apex of Outerwear

I would definitely agree that this is the Ultimate Jewelled Jacket. Mostly because, at $410, if you need more than one of these, you're an idiot. Topshop Ultimate Jewelled Jacket - $410

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