Fur Sure.

I have so many responses to this shirt, I’m just going to list them:

1. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be called “fur,” it’d be called “a pet.”

2. Really, you paid $28 for this shirt?

3. No, seriously. Couldn’t you have saved a mink for $28?

4. Has anybody ever been swayed by a t-shirt? Is there someone out there who has kicked the heroin habit after seeing a “Hugs Not Drugs” t-shirt?

5. What’s the thought process when you’re getting dressed in the morning? “Hm, I have to run errands today … do I wear my tunic and skinny jeans, or do I start a social movement?”

6. The best they could do for the design was something you can make a Neighborhoodies?

7. I want a shirt that says “Meat is Delicious,” just to be contrary.

Modcloth Fur Is Dead Tee – $27.99

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