Gossip Girl on Ice!

First off, some cross-promotion. Check out my entry for “Rufus Getting Married” over at www.youknowyoulovefashion.com, the Gossip Girl fashion blog I sometimes write for.

Now, onto the clothes.

This dress is called the “Ice Skater Dress.” Normally, when someone says a dress looks like it would be worn by an ice skater, it’s a criticism, not something to brag about.

However, this dress is cute. This dress does Icecapades Chic right. It would look amazing on one of the Gossip Girls – probably Blake, since she’s contractually required to wear short, revealing clothes.

On me, however, I would look like a former Icecapdes understudy who relives her glory days by squeezing back into her old costume and gliding through the house in socks. Which, yes, I do that already. But not in a $250 dress. When I wear a $250 dress, I twirl in circles like a little girl, squealing “I look so pretty!”

So, yeah. This dress would work on Blake Lively, but not on me. Also, I overshare and should probably not do that so much.

The end.

(unless you want to keep reading about Gossip Girl fashion, in which case, you should start reading You Know You Love Fashion, because the other writers are brilliantly funny)

Topshop Ice Skater Dress by Boutique – $250

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