Just One Question

No, really. I have just one question: Why do these exist? No, really. Why does this abomination exist? These are high-rise shorts. High-rise satin shorts. I cannot think of any case in which these would ever be flattering. Ever, ever, ever. And that's not even dealing with the lace-up fronts, which I guess serves to ...

A Wee Bit Strange

Pins have their place and time. My grandmother often wears an unusual pin on her jacket, and it can look very stylish (then again, my grandmother is remarkably chic). So, I like pins. I get pins. Most of the time. Clearly, in this case, I'm missing something. Why would you pin a bladder to your ...

Tulle Peplums

I've covered several peplums on this blog. So many, in fact, that I fancy myself, if not a connoisseur, at the very level an advanced student in peplumology. With that in mind, I have to say, a tulle peplum just seems downright uncomfortable and scratchy. Plus, the delicate fabric, right in prime sitting area, just ...

Gleeful About Kurt 1

Look, I love Kurt from Glee as much as anyone. But is it really a good idea to let him design a line of football-inspired fashions for Forever 21? Forever 21 Embellished Shoulder Dress - $39.80

Two Boxes of Thin Mints?

I must have missed something. When did Girl Scout couture become popular? ModCloth Picture Day Jumper - $49.99

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