Face Time

Most girls have used, or wanted to say, “my eyes are up here,” to a guy at some point. With these shirts, you don’t have to.

Like this shirt. The face seems to be looking out disdainfully, as if to say, “Really? You think you stand a chance?” Keep in mind, that’s a rhetorical question. The answer is always, “no.”

As for this shirt, the face serves as a vehicle for sequins. Sequins and a big floppy bow, both of which can distract from an unwanted gaze. Yeah, it may kind of look like a big black bow is exploding from an aureole, but at least all the sequins create shiny objects to stare at.

Speaking of sequins …

My only question is, what happened to her nose? Why design a face without a nose? Are noses not in for this season? I guess it’s part of all the Michael Jackson styles that have come back into fashion. Oh, fashion designers. What will they think of next?

Forever 21 Model Face Slub Top – $12.80
Forever 21 Jewelled Girl Tee – $12.80
Forever 21 Modelliste Tee – $19.80

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