Glamazonian Princess

Sometimes, words suddenly appear in the language and become almost ubiquitous.

“Glamazon” is one of those words.

Observe the Glamazon Heels and the Glamazon Dress. Now, from what I can tell, their relation to being Amazonian is that they’re animal print, and animals are in the Amazon, right?

As for the “glamor” part of “Glamazon,” well, the Girls Next Door are kind of glamorous, right? They go to parties and stuff. That’s kind of glamorous.

So yeah. These shoes and the dress totally warrant being dubbed “Glamazon.” I take it all back, lest Giselle, Glamazonian Princess, come after me in her invisible private airplane and harness me with her fabulous lasso of truth.

Guess Glamazon Dress – $98
Modcloth The Glamazon Heels – $42.99

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