Misplaced Peplum

Normally, I’d rage against peplums on dresses and skirts. “They’re ugly!”, I’d cry. “They’re unflattering!”, I’d claim. “They add bulk around your cheeseburger platter and making it harder to maneuver!”, I’d write.

But now, having seen a peplum on a vest, suddenly peplums on the hips don’t seem so bad. If we’re going to be stuck with a peplum, then hell, I’d rather have them on the hips than at waist-height on a vest.

Never mind that this vest is dangerously close to fusing together a tank and a corset-style top, or that the shoulders close in too much and cut too high. No, neither of these things matter when we’re dealing with the peplums.

According to the site, “our woven peplum-hip vest will showcase a high fashion vibe every time you wear it.”

I guess that’s true, inasmuch as “high fashion” often translates to “ugly and unwearable.” So, yay for subtextual accuracy?

Forever 21 Peplum Button Down Vest – $32

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