Some General Housekeeping

Okay, I’ve been doing this blog for four months now, and I haven’t done a single post begging for readership … until now.

There, that was sufficiently dramatic.

1. If you’re a regular reader, and you haven’t already, become a fan on Facebook. There’s a link to the fan page over in the right hand column. That way, you’ll get a post in your news feed whenever I’ve updated the blog.

2. If you think you have a friend or two who might like this blog, please send it to them.

3. Follow me on Twitter, @ulexite and re-tweet my updates on the blog.

4. Do you like disaster movies? Then check out my other blog, C-List Actors Save Us All, a blog devoted to bad disaster movies.

Thanks for reading – the fact that people keep coming back is why I keep posting.

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