Some Mad Plaid

Every time I think, “There is no way I could possibly do another post on a denim jumper with a plaid skirt,” Forever 21 designs something else, and I know it’s my duty to bring it to all of you.

I should know better by now. It’s like how, in cartoons, you never say “Well, at least it can’t get any worse.” That’s like asking for it to spontaneously rain right over your head. Much in the same way, I really shouldn’t tempt fate with my declarations about plaid and denim jumpers.

Do there really need to be three tiers of ruffles? Do two not provide the necessary volume to make this completely unflattering? Because I can’t imagine that the skirt portion would be more unflattering with fewer tiers. If it were just a skirt, devoid of tiers (I know, crazy talk, but go with me on it), I think it would just look kind of homemade and innocuous.

Look at it on this poor model. It’s giving her a bustle. Isn’t the point of having a model that she should be bustle-less? That a dress should be flattering, rather than hideous?

Oh, and it comes in black, too. Because sometimes, your blue jean denim just isn’t formal enough.

Forever 21 Plaid Denim Jumper Dress – $26.90
A casual jumper dress with a denim upper bodice featuring a sweetheart neckline, buttoned straps, and smocked panels on the back; 12 looped buttons grace the front. The lower portion is soft and flirty, made of 3 tiered ruffles.

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