The Hardest Working Model at ModCloth 1

I admire this model.

She is wearing a giant floppy knit bow, and yet, she is selling it.

Not to me, obviously, but she’s selling it to somebody. I think.

I mean, this is a giant, comically oversized bow. It’s so large, I’m actually a little worried it about where it falls on the food chain.* I want to say it’s hugging her head with its giant floppy bow arms, but I think it may be trying to devour her head. Which would be unfortunate, because I don’t think there’s any other model out there who can wear a hat as convincingly as she can. Should someone maybe check on her?

Modcloth Bow It All Headband – $49.99

*If you like things that are at the top of the food chain, you’ll love C-List Actors Save Us All, my new disaster and monster movie review blog!

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