Tied Neck and Neck

I’m not a big fan of tie-neck blouses. Lucky has been pushing them for years now, but no matter how many times they try to convince me it’ll give me a “sexy schoolteacher vibe,” I’m pretty sure I’ll just end up getting the ties in my cheeseburger.

But what’s this? A tie-neck jacket? A jacket designed to look like a blouse? I’m so confused!

As with most of the clothes featured on the site, I can think of some women who could pull this off. Yes, with skinny jeans and a pair of flats, it could work and be kind of cute.

However, I could not make this work. For starters, it’s not form-fitting, and thus would make me look boxy. Beyond that, I would have a hell of a time not getting that tie dirty. Never mind the difficulties I would have in trying to take off the jacket, only to forget that it’s tied at the neck, so I end up struggling and practically choking myself in my spazzy attempts at taking the damn thing off.

And, beyond all else, if I’m going to finally fulfill the hopes of Lucky editors everywhere and cave to the tie-neck blouse, I’m going to do it with a nice silk top, not a polyester/wool jacket. I’m going to look like Emma Pillsbury, dammit.

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