Dol-mention It

I don’t understand Dolman sleeves. I really don’t. On rare occasions, it can be done properly. But otherwise, the best-case scenario is that the top looks like it doesn’t fit right.

The worst case scenario?

It leaves you or the model looking like something horrible has happened to your torso.

Every time I look at this picture, I just want to get her to a doctor so she can have that dislocated shoulder fixed. But that desire is tempered by the fact that I’m afraid to take her outside, lest a strong wind carry her away like she’s a well-dressed sugar glider.

Just so we’re clear – yes, the sugar glider is very cute, let’s focus here – just so we’re clear, the Dolman sleeves actually extend down to the low waist of the dress. Her entire torso is Dolman sleeved. That’s a lot of sleeve. And yet, the designer felt it necessary to add full-length fitted sleeves to the dress. How much sleeve does this dress actually require?

If they had just taken the Dolman sleeves in a little, removed the long sleeves, and made it a minidress, I’d be on board. I probably wouldn’t wear it, because I have an hourglass shape and adding extra, baggy fabric to my chest will only end with my looking like I’m wearing a muumuu. But it would work.

Okay, I have to stop looking at this dress before I call a chiropractor for the poor girl.

French Connection Feather Frost Plains Dress – $118

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