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The ModCloth site asks, “How could you pass up this coral orange Plastic Island item?”

I’m a little confused, because they don’t have an essay section on the site, so I can’t answer the question. If they did, I could break out the standard five paragraph essay and explain:

I could pass up this coral orange Plastic Island item because it is hideous. First and foremost, it is not coral, it is orange. Coral is a soft, pinky hue that is surprisingly flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. Orange, on the other hand, is rarely flattering, to the point where when it is flattering on a person, it draws many compliments because of its rarity.

Another reason I could pass this up is because it is a puffy coat with, as written in the description, “three tiers of gathered volume.” In my day to day clothing, I try to avoid multiple tiers of gathered volume, as I find it is unflattering to my frame. Clothing, in my opinion, should not add bulk to one’s figure needlessly.

The jacket also features “chic ribbed sweater sleeves [that] detach at the elbow.” I do not often need a puffer jacket that only covers up to my elbow, as a puffer coat is usually restricted to cold weather. However, a puffer jacket with elbow-length sleeves does not warm forearms, and therefore, it fails to provide proper heat to all necessary extremities. Also, ripped sweater sleeves are ugly.

I would also be able to pass up this jacket because of its price. At $249.99, it will cost as much as a J.Crew coat, which will be of both better quality and style. While this jacket will one day be out of style, a J.Crew coat, such as the Wool Harbor Peacoat, the Wool Cashmere Crosby Coat, the Double-Cloth Camino Coat, or even the Sherpa Puffer Jacket will still be a classic style for years to come.

In sum, I would pass this coat up for many reason. I would not wear it because the color is wildly unflattering. I would also not wear it because it adds extra volume to my figure with its three tiers of volume. I find its ribbed sweater sleeves to be unattractive, and do not see a use for the jacket if you wear it with elbow-length sleeves. Finally, I believe that a more timeless jacket can be found for the same price, but will prove to be a better investment as it will not fall out of fashion within the season. For all these reasons, I would not wear this jacket.

ModCloth Take It or Sleeve It Jacket – $249.99
J.Crew Wool Harbor Peacoat – $220, or $240 with Thinsulate
J.Crew Wool-Cashmere Crosby Coat – $225
J.Crew Double Cloth Camino Coat – $195
J.Crew Sherpa Puffer Jacket – $168

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