Mad Mandarin

I’ve faithfully watched Mad Men for the past three years. One of the things I love about it is the clothing. Whether it’s Betty’s beautiful circle skirts or Joan’s tight wiggle dresses, I spend a lot of the episode staring at the clothes and wondering how I can get them.

You know whose wardrobe I rarely envy, though? Peggy’s. And this dress is so utterly a Peggy dress. It would be very cute and wearable if the jabot weren’t massive. Does it need to span the entire chest? Looking at it, I can’t help but wonder if the jabot is actually made of little strips of paper that you can rip off, should you need to take notes on your sociopath boss’s latest idea for Conrad Hilton.

If the jabot were small, just a little strip of ruffles, it would already be in my shopping cart. But, much like the bulk of Peggy’s clothes, the dress comes dangerously close to being cute, but then veers off to “unwearable” at the last second.

ModCloth The Regina Dress – $162.99

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