Oh, Betsey. No.

Look, I get that Betsey’s thing is bright and quirky and eclectic and whatever, fine, if it makes her happy, I’m happy.

I also get that sometimes, you find a really great deal on a fabric, so you buy a lot of it, then have to think of ways to use it.


Sometimes, when you see a fabric on sale for a really great price, you have to stop and wonder why it’s such a bargain.

For example, is it multi-colored neon snake print? Because – and this is just a shot in the dark – that might be why you’re getting a good price on it, and why they still have so much in stock, despite the low cost.

Normally, I’d make some comment about how the boob tier looks angry. However, given that it’s cut from this fabric, I’m more inclined to think that it’s actually just remarkably unhappy and embarrassed, but the boob tier has that look that some people have, where they’re scowling even when they’re not mad. So, rather than telling the boob tier to buck up, I kind of sympathize.

And, for those days when you just don’t feel like going formal with your neon snake print, here’s a simple skirt that you can wear to your next Poison concert.

Betsey Johnson Snake Printed Silk Chiffon Tiered Dress – $208.60 (was $298)
Betsey Johnson Snake Printed Silk Chiffon Blouson Dress – $164 (was $328)
Betsey Johnson Snake Printed Silk Chiffon Skirt – $218

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