Something Old, Something Used

The big complaint about wedding dresses often is that you’ll only wear it once, and there’s no way to reuse it.

This dress won’t help you with that. It will, however, help you if you want to look like you’re reusing the table cloths from your wedding.

I’m trying to figure out under which circumstances this dress would be flattering. If there weren’t the gathered tiering, and it just poufed out stiffly, it might actually be appealing in a retro way. But this just is droopy and sack-like, while still adding too much volume to actually be a sack.

So, as I said in the beginning, it looks like you’re either reusing the table clothes from your wedding, or you’re going to look like a centerpiece from that wedding. Just keep that in mind when people start asking you where you got that – they’re not asking for the dress’s designer, they’re asking for the event planner.

ModCloth Auld Lang Syne Dress – $59.99

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