All Hail the ModCloth Hat Model

I’ve spoken before about the hardest working model at ModCloth. She diligently and skillfully models a wide variety of hats and headbands. This noble model wears every piece of headgear, no matter how absurd, with absolute conviction. Never once have I seen her in a hat or headband and thought, “Wow, she looks miserable.”

She’s wearing a hood. Not attached to anything. It’s just a hood. And yet, look at her. She seems to be shrugging her shoulder as if to say, “Yeah, I’m wearing a hood and a totally different jacket. What’s your point? It’s functional. It’s fashionable. What do you mean, ‘is it?’ Of course it is. And even if it weren’t, you’d still be wearing one by the end of February, because let’s face it, I make it work.”

ModCloth, give this girl a raise. Or, at the very least, give her more pictorials, especially with headgear. If your hat sales go up, you’ll know who to thank.

ModCloth World On A String Hood – $59.99

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