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Occasionally, I’ll see a woman on the street (or a character on TV) wearing really unflattering jeans. Not the kind that are intentionally unflattering, but the kind that our society has come to dub as “Mom Jeans.” And when I see those jeans, I wonder where you buy them. Not because I’m desperate to acquire a pair, but because I genuinely have no idea who sells them.

I now have my answer.

Lee Jeans sells these as the “Side Elasticized Jeans.” Look at this perfect Mom Jeans specimen. A ridiculously high rise, a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs, tapering down to a narrow leg opening. These even have elasticized waists, for maximum comfort. Or, as they describe it on the site, “When you have comfort in mind, the Side Elastic Jean is for you. Basic styling and elastic at the sides make this an easy choice!”

And the back. Oh, the back is glorious. Look at how much room is in the seat and thigh area. You could actually store children in that part of the jeans. The back of the pants actually rests in the middle of the model’s spine, there’s no differentiation between her butt and her thighs, and it creates the illusion of having both a flat and a huge butt.

These jeans are the quintessential Mom Jeans. A pair should be studied by designers and scholars alike, so as to better understand the genre. A pair should be gifted to the Smithsonian, so that future generations may better understand our culture.

And then all the rest should be burned.

Lee Side Elastic Jean – $40 $23.99 – what a steal!

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  1. Reply Family Apr 8, 2010 8:20 pm

    you are soo awesome this is soo funny!

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