Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

I avoid one-shoulder dresses because it’s hard to properly arrange a bra under them. But it’s not like I have a categorical problem with them, it’s just a personal preference.

These dresses, however, I have a problem with.

The tricky part of asymmetry is that it’s, well, asymmetrical. It requires balance. Having separate cups makes this even more difficult.

I’m pretty sure the model’s breasts aren’t naturally lopsided, so it’s probably the result of this dress being very oddly constructed. The left breast not only looks higher, but significantly larger. The tiny cup on the right makes her right breast look sad and squished. She has a depressed right boob.

As for this dress, it looks like the right breast is arching a skeptical eyebrow. But boobs in badly designed dresses shouldn’t throw stones, because seriously, I’m wondering what they were thinking nestling themselves into a dress that makes them look skeptical. Judge lest not ye be judged, skeptical boobs. You are found wanting. And lopsided.

So there.

Sherry Hill – One Shoulder Sequin Cocktail Dress – $470
La Femme Beaded One Shoulder Dress – $298

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