Do I even need to contribute more? I don’t think so. These shorts require no explanation. No jokes need to be made. They are the joke.

They’re so high rise that I’m not sure this isn’t actually a tube jumper. These will rest an inch and a half below your armpits. They’re shiny. They’re pleated. They have shiny pleats. The belt is absurdly small for such a wide waistband. They make the mannequin look fat, and it’s made of sturdy molded plastic.

And oh dear god, the flat butt. The only way this could actually give you contours is because of the pleating, but the pleats appear to be pulling away from the actual seat of the pants, which will only make it look like your butt is pulling at the fabric. Essentially, there is no way for your butt to look good in these shorts. There are only degrees of “really bad.”

So I’m going to go back to laughing at the idea that someone is paying $30 for these shorts. If you can actually make these look good, my hat is off to you. I just need proof, because as far as I can tell, there is no way these could be flattering to anyone ever.

Forever 21 High Waist Taffeta Short – $29

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