A Sack of Potatoes 3

I realize that sometimes, I just don’t understand a style or an attempted look.

I don’t think this is one of those times. No, I think that I am rightly mystified by this dress. It’s so ill-fitting, it actually makes the model look like her head was Photoshopped onto another, much larger, model’s body. It is so shapeless that it actually fails at being stylishly shapeless. It’s just unflattering.

Where is the logic in this dress? It bunches around the mid-thigh area, tapering down into an asymmetrical hemline. It’s hard to make a satin, formless dress more unwearable, but somehow, they manage.

So, hat’s off to them, I suppose?

Kimberly Ovitz “Myron” Silk Charmeuse Dress – $385

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