An Addendum On Houndstooth

Hey, remember when a reader found the blog by Googling “Will a houndstooth skirt make me look fat?”

I said that it would not, and that the reader should go for it.

I just want to point out, for the sake of clarification: skirts. Go for a houndstooth skirt or dress. Do not go for houndstooth skinny pants. Especially not ones made by Avril Lavigne and sold at Kohl’s. Because these are bad. These are really, really bad. Kohl’s won’t even show the back of the pants, they’re so unflattering.

So, dear Kentucky reader, these will make you look fat. These will make everyone look fat. These make the mannequin look fat. Don’t take it personally. Put on a houndstooth skirt and feel like Blair Waldorf for a day. But for the love of headbands, please don’t wear these pants.

Abbey Dawn Houndstooth Skinny Pants – $24

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