Junk in the Trunks

Ah, spring. The flowers bloom, the temperatures rise, and, if you work at American Apparel, your boss starts growing his summer mutton chops.

What’s wrong, Random American Apparel model Who Is Also Probably A Personal Assistant Or Something, Because That’s How They Roll Over In Creepyville? Why so glum? I mean, yeah, those are really shiny and plastic-looking. So I do understand being less than thrilled with that.

And I’m not really sure the circumstances under which you’d wear them. Yes, they’re for swimming, but they’re awfully high-rise for swimming shorts. Actually, they look like they’d be kind of uncomfortable.

Well, let’s see them from the back to be sure.

To all you observant readers who have noticed that something is off about this picture, yes, you are correct. These are, as far as I can tell, not the model’s legs. Because these swim trunks are unisex.

Of course they are. It’s American Apparel. Why wouldn’t these be unisex? Then again, I’m pretty sure all garbage bags are unisex, even the fancy tri-colored ones.

You can all blame Reader Ronnie for this one.

American Apparel Unisex Tri-Color Swim Trunk – $36

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