Public Service Announcement #6: Small Packages

The Ed Hardy line has expanded into many new avenues over the past few months. I’ve covered much of it in a series of Public Service Announcements, because I feel it is vitally important that we are aware of the enemy’s movements. After last week’s thrilling developments, I think it’s time to reasses where we stand.

So here are two new fronts that have been opened in the war against Ed Hardy:

I’m impressed that they’ve managed to squeeze this much douche on such small surfaces. But it actually works out for those of us trying to avoid Ed Hardy-wearers like the plague.

A shirt ends up in the wash, and you’re none the wiser until it’s clean again. But glasses are worn constantly. Picking a pair of glasses is part of a painstaking process. So when someone is wearing Ed Hardy glasses, that’s not just a whim. That’s a commitment to douchedom.

As for the lighters – well, the owner chose to forgo the standard cheap Bic lighters in favor of an Ed Hardy tattoo lighter. That just about tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?

Personally, I’m disappointed that they still haven’t branched out to condoms. At least then, they’d be doing the world a service for a change.

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