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You know how denim dresses and ruffles are two of my least favorite things? Forever 21 decided to make my life easier by combining them into one dress!

I’m going to steal from a comment once posted by my friend Holly. She described ruffles as looking like a tree fungus. As far as I’m concerned, she’s spot-on.

The Forever 21 description claims that the dress is “sexy on the top and flirty on the bottom,” which I think is kind of a stretch. It’s a denim dress. It can’t really be sexy or flirty. I mean, I guess it can be, but in a very specific, denim-fetishist way.

Or it could just be my denim-prejudice. Which is strong – there will be a post later this week about another crime against jeans.

I’m pretty sure, though, that this dress is pretty wrong, though, even without my stance on denim dresses. Thoughts?

Forever 21 Strapless Denim Ruffle Dress – $29.80

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