Shorts in Disguise

I was surfing Forever 21, as I do every day, for clothes to buy and clothes to post. At all times, there are two separate browser windows open, so I can keep them separated. These were originally in the “buy” browser.

And then I realized they were shorts, rather than a pleated skirt.

Shorts are tricky to navigate. For some reason, they’re way more difficult than skirts. Finding the right length can be a Herculean task. I can’t imagine that pleated, voluminous shorts will be a flattering look.

How convenient. I don’t have to imagine it. These are resting on the threshold of unflattering on this model. They’re threatening to tip into the precipice of average ass.

So much skirt potential wasted. And for what? Shorts that look like a skirt, but will probably just make your legs look weird.

What a world.

Forever 21 Floral Guise Woven Shorts – $17.80

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