The Side-Tie Returns

Several months ago, I posted a Forever 21 shirt that tied on the side, just like I used to wear my shirts back in junior high. I thought maybe it was the start of a new trend, but I hadn’t seen one since.

Until now. Hollister’s spring line features a shirt that, had Hollister existed 15 years ago, ten year old Amanda would have been all about. I’d throw on a pair of denim shorts I’d cut myself, mismatched hi-top Converse, and maybe a pair or two of scrunched down socks, and I’d be a very, very happy little dork.

And yes, I realize that, by 1995, I was late to those trends. But it’s not that I was late, per se. It’s just that I let everyone else test them, first.

Hollister & Co. Crescent Bay T – $19.50

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