The Single Life

I realize that, at times, I overthink things. Occasionally.

In this case, though, I think my overthinking is justified. Because I’ve been confused about this type of shirt for ages now.

Okay. I love “heart” my boyfriend. I get the message. But I’m just not grasping the execution of wearing it.

If you’re dating a guy, should he get worried if you go too long without wearing it? I mean, I usually put off doing laundry for as long as possible. I’d be concerned about a guy getting angry over why I’m not wearing it, like how Sheldon kept asking Sally where her Sunday underwear was.

When you guys inevitably break up, do you get rid of this shirt? Or, do you just wait until you get a new guy, then pretend that you bought it just for him? Is it awkward when he sees a picture of you with a former beau, and you’re wearing that shirt? When you break up with a guy, does he say, “But your t-shirt said you hearted me!”When you’re single, do you shove it in the drawer with those free shirts you get at the AIDs walk or a football game, but you never wear?

I do like, however, that this shirt is a prime example of mullet clothing – faithful in the front, come-hither in the back.

Forever 21 Fishbone Back Tee – $13.80

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