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My cousin is getting married in a few months (congratulations, Erin!), and she has a bridal shower coming up. I was surfing Forever 21 for a dress to wear to the shower, when I came across these two dresses.

After staring at them for several minutes, I still can’t decide if these dresses are actually cute, or if I’m just losing my mind.

I know that, technically, this is a blog about the things that I wouldn’t wear (hence, “You Want Me To Wear What?” rather than “Why Would Anyone Ever Wear This?”). In this case, though, neither of these dresses would work on me. At all.

But on a thin girl, I think this dress could be pretty amazing. Not just in the usual Lucky fashion tips way of “Add curves with tiers!” No, I think this could actually work on someone with less of an hourglass because the dress itself is really interesting to look at. The colors go together, the layers work, and it kind of reminds me of a deconstructed bandage dress. A softer, deconstructed take is a welcome change from what I always felt was a harsh, almost militaristic style.

As for this, I wouldn’t have liked it, had I not seen it on a model.

I’m actually kind of curious to try the dress. I don’t think it will look good on me, but I just want to give it a shot. I like that it curves and creates the illusion of corsetting without having to go through the trouble of wearing a corset. I like that it’s kind of a play on the t-shirt under a dress thing that’s been happening lately. Essentially, the dress is kind of just an optical illusion, but in the good way. In the, “Doesn’t give me headaches” way.

With all of Forever 21′s attempts at couture – all their weird, overdone, excessively designed dresses, if you had described these dresses to me, I would have thought you were out of your mind – Forever 21 can’t touch something unusual and not make it bizarre. But no, I’m actually pretty sure that these dresses are kind of awesome.


Forever 21 Rendezvous Pleat Dress – $29.80
Forever 21 Attention Colorblock Dress – $19.80

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2 thoughts on “Yes, Nice Things About F21

  1. Reply noongsaao Mar 18, 2010 5:11 pm

    As far at the first one goes, that's something that I would actually try on in stores. The faux-wrap across the stomach is supposed to give a slimming effect. And I (as well you, I think you've mentioned) am larger in the chest area. There seems to be plenty of room in the chest area, and the faux-wrap draws a little bit more attention to the stomach and away from the chest. I'm not really a fan of pink unless it's hot pink done *right*, but this color combination works. If it were different colors, and I wore dresses more often, I *gasp!* might actually buy this….

  2. Reply Alien Mar 19, 2010 12:13 am

    Both dresses look good on the models, I think it's a case of "looks funny but not too funny in the picture, but the model can pull it off".
    I like the faux wrap effect of the first one although not a big fan of the colour.. :/
    As for the second one, I like the different shades of grey and the curvy effect it gives (although it would probably not look good on me, since I already have curves I don't need a dress to highlight them even more)

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