My Favorite Fault

My Favorite Fault
I'm a huge geology nerd and recently went back to school to pursue a Master's degree. My intro geology class had a field trip on Saturday to the San Andreas fault zone out in Palmdale. Here's a picture: Sorry, wrong picture. Man, I make that mistake all the time. Forever 21 Satin Tier Dress - ...

Friday Feets: Woven Wedges 2

Friday Feets: Woven Wedges
I clock in at a towering 5'2", so obviously, I rarely wear heels. In my first edition of Friday Feets, I posted a pair of Via Spiga wedges that I had recently purchased. I wore them the other night and they were kind of amazing. Not only were they comfortable, but I could almost  make ...

Colorful Sequins Make Me Overshare 3

Colorful Sequins Make Me Overshare
Yes, I realize that only a month ago, I was prattling on about J. Crew's high-end line, and how I can't reconcile their somewhat reasonable prices with their truly expensive options. Then I saw this top. And while the sequined dresses I posted before didn't do it for me ... this top does. It's so sparkley and ...

The Hard Choices 1

The Hard Choices
I'm regularly faced with tough decisions - "Skirt or dress?" "Flats or heels?" "Hamburger or buffalo wings?" "You don't have to choose between something cute or elegant in this satin tube dress with a shorter hem at the front and a longer back." - Forever 21 Website Rarely do I feel so paralyzed with indecision ...

Busy Day Today

I have kind of a busy day ahead of me, so there won't be any new posts today. Regular posting will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a video of foxes on a trampoline.

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