Long Sweater Short

Melissa K. posted this on the fan page (or, I guess, “like page” now).

Sure, it seems perfectly harmless at first. You’re probably wondering why I would post what appears to be a very comfortable long sweater.

This is why.

I’ve spoken before of mullet clothing – clothes where the back is totally different from the front. This is a prime example. This sweater should be put in a museum, so it may be viewed by generations to come.

Apparently, you can  ”tie the low slung portion for a different look.” It’s hard to argue with that - it certainly would be “different.” Flattering or appealing? I’m not so sure about that. But different, no question there.

So, am I the only one who loves long sweaters because you can wrap yourself in them? If I’m wearing a long sweater, I want it to be long all the way around, rather than cropped short in the back and long in the front. It’s not like the long front pieces are going to keep you warm if they don’t wrap around the back.

Essentially: your sweater’s going to have a draft.

And as for the back panel … who at Forever 21 is obsessed with this dot pattern? I thought the Flintstone-style clothes were a fluke, but apparently Forever 21 is trying to make it a thing.

I just hope they stick to pairing it with crop-backed cardigans and weird halter dresses, so that I can avoid all of it at once.

Forever 21 Dotted Back Cardigan – $13.99

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