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Growing up in Pennsylvania, I experienced these cicadas’ symphonic sounds a few times during my life. Thinking about those sounds at dusk makes my heart swoon, and these earrings, with their strikingly powerful wings, delicate arms, and bold eyes, are the perfect reminder of those songs. I’d wear these with a coral dress and gold bangles for an evening outing – to watch the sun set, and listen to the sharp hum of cicadas in the trees, declaring their impressive existence. – Angela, ModCloth Fashion Writer

If you’ve ever read my other blog, C-List Actors Save Us All, you’ve probably picked up on my hatred of Chicago. Many people have argued with me about its merits, but you cannot convince me otherwise. I have hated Chicago since the first time I visited my ex-boyfriend at college, back in freshman year. Within minutes of my arriving at O’Hare, I knew that Chicago was not a place I should be. And yet, for four years, I visited him twice a year, braving -7 degree wind chill waiting for the bus.

I hate Chicago.

So it’s only fitting that the relationship ended, in a terrifically awful way, when I flew back to Chicago for the last time to move him back to LA. I won’t go into the details, but it ended with my dad using airline miles to get me a ticket back home within 18 hours of my arriving.

There is a point to this story, yes.  As I sat on the plane, waiting for everyone to finish loading on, I noticed something fly by the window. And then another thing – small, brown, about two inches long – whacked straight into the gangway and fell onto the tarmac. That’s when I looked down and saw the ground was littered with them. The air was thick with cicadas, emerging from the ground as part of their 17 year cycle.

The last time I visited Chicago, they experienced a freaking plague.

Needless to say, my memories about cicadas are much less romantic than Angela the fashion writer’s. Having seen two dozen fly smack into a gangway, they lose a little of their mystery.

But if you want to wear 2-inch long bug earrings, these are perfect for you.

ModCloth Magicicada Earrings – $29.99

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One comment on “Chicago Bugs Me

  1. Reply Ally C Apr 28, 2010 6:52 am

    Aw i haven’t been on here in the longest time (stupid tests) congrats on the new layout :D
    On to the fly ,er, earrings…
    1. I saw them on polyvore, but i thought they were a joke (some people like to get “creative” on that website).
    2. I thought “girls hate insects” probably not a good idea to make a FLIPPING FLY EARRING EW!
    3. If I -hypothetically- were to wear this, I would constantly imagine the ,er, flies .. buzzing in my ear. I can also imagine a scenario with a person smacking the weared with the flay swat thingy (or a magazine) thinking they have a fly on them.. OUCH

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