Friday Feets – Ballet Flats 3

Since no one kicked and screamed about last week’s Friday Feets (not even about the ridiculous name), here we go with week 2.

Last week, Jaclyn asked me to find a pair of comfortable flats. I haven’t tried any on personally, but I checked customer reviews on some different sites to track these down.

Okay, I checked the reviews for some of them. I couldn’t find any reviews for these, but let’s look at this critically: they’re $20. They’re studded. They have rubber soles, which provides a little bit of cushioning.

Oh, also, Endless has free shipping and free returns. So if the shoes suck, you can get your money back with a quickness.

These are another pair I couldn’t find any reviews of, but they’re Aerosoles, and I have yet to have a bad experience with Aerosoles. Their heels defy the common belief that heels have to be painful to look good, so I have a hard time believing that these shoes will be anything but comfortable.

From Maria Sharapova’s collection for Cole Haan. I’ve tried on other pairs from the Air series, and they all have good cushioning and support. Plus, the reviews on appear to be unanimously positive, especially because of their comfort.

These don’t have the glowing reviews of the Cole Haans, but several reviews cited that the shoes are wide. Jaclyn mentioned she had wide feet, so I’m including these in the event that she’s reading this post. They don’t have great arch support, but if you’re crazy about the shoes, you can always buy an insole.

As for these … they’re expensive, but oh man, they’re cute. I love those abstract flowers. They’re kind of funky, and a great bit of floral detailing without getting too precious.

Anyone have any experience with these? Or do you have a pair of flats you love? Pass it along in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Feets – Ballet Flats

  1. Reply Champ Apr 16, 2010 1:00 pm

    THANK YOU! So many options–I like the look of pretty much all but the Aerosoles, though I am highly intrigued by the idea of them being comfortable.

    Oh, Snoopy, I knew you wouldn't let me down.

    Hmm, I hope has the same shipping/returns deal for those of us in the UK. (So far, living in the UK has not given me a lot of free shipping options, the totally wonderful aside. Yay!)

    - Jaclyn

  2. Reply Amanda Apr 16, 2010 1:06 pm

    Oh good, it was you! I wasn't sure, because there are a couple people named Jaclyn who I've seen around here. The Aerosoles are a little clunky, but I figured they've had a pretty good track record with comfort.

    Also, Tightsplease? I have to check this out, as I love tights almost as much as I love cake.

  3. Reply Champ Apr 16, 2010 3:17 pm

    I highly, highly, highly recommend these:

    I hated tights until I found Charnos, and now I love them (which is why I'm now looking for nice flats to wear with tights and skirts). They have the most comfortable waistband of any pair of tights I've ever found. I have pairs in black, berry, bottlegreen, navy, and teal. The 60 denier are great most of the time; I wear the 100 denier when I'm braving a skirt or dress in the winter.

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