Frozen Over 1

I’m having a major existential crisis.

So, I was clicking through some old posts to update the tags, and I saw my old Abbey Dawn posts (the Kohl’s juniors line from Avril Lavigne). I thought to myself, “Oh, I haven’t mocked Avril in a while, I’ll check out Kohl’s.”

There wasn’t anything particularly thrilling in the clothing section, so I moved on to the jewelry section. And that’s when it happened.

“Those are kind of cute,” I thought to myself. Granted, they weren’t innovative – I’ve seen a lot of studded bracelets lately.

“I don’t hate these stacking rings,” I conceded.

“If this were made out of actual metal, I would totally buy this,” I said.

And then I realized.

I actually kind of like the Abbey Dawn jewelry line. It’s not totally innovative, but then again, when they get creative, they create these.

As I scrolled through the jewelry section, I became increasingly distressed.

Had my tastes suddenly changed? Had I whacked my head on a doorframe one too many times?*

If I don’t hate everything connected to Avril Lavigne, what else might I not hate? I’ve noticed I’ve been softening toward peplums lately. Do I like gladiator heels? I don’t know. Do I like Jell-o?

I’m so scared and confused. Somebody, help me.

Abbey Dawn Silver Tone Bangle Bracelet Set – $16
Abbey Dawn Silver Tone Stacking Ring Set – $12
Abbey Dawn Silver Tone Handcuff and Key Necklace – $12
Abbey Dawn Hoop Drop Earrings – $12
Abbey Dawn Barbed Wire Bangle Bracelet Set – $10
*No, seriously, I have a really bad habit of hitting my head on the doorframe when I’m doing laundry.

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