J.Crew Can’t Jump

Oh, J. Crew. A jumpsuit in your spring line? Really? Did you have to go there?

I mean, yes, at least this one seems to be fitted to the model, so that’s a plus. And it’s not baggy in weird places. But they still remind me of long johns, and I can’t imagine they’re practical. Do you get totally undressed when you have to use the restroom? Or do you just not drink anything all day long? Because, really, I think that’s kind of unsafe as the temperature rises.

From behind, these look like really expensive coveralls. If I were making a movie right now about a rich girl who has to do manual labor, like house painting, she would totally wear this while doing it. Then the guy she’s working with would roll his eyes and tease her about it, because he can’t stand entitled, snobby girls, but in the end it would turn out that he loves her for who she is, with or without her money.

Hm. Does Reese Witherspoon still play ditsy? If not, what’s Isla Fischer up to? I’ve got a jumpsuit for them to wear, and a blockbuster hit on my hands.

J.Crew Silk Linen Jumpsuit – $148

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