Just Call Me Grumpy Bear

I always find it hardest to dress for spring. The weather shifts back and forth, it’s warm in the sun but freezing in the shade, all your warm weather clothes are still packed away and you don’t feel like going through it all.

And because of the flow of air currents, sometimes your upper midriff gets hot while your arms are freezing.

Don’t give me that look, ShopBop Model Who Kind of Looks Like Amanda Peet. I’m just saying, the long sleeves and bare midriff make me wonder if you’ve got some weird heating issues.

Ooh, unless you’re a Care Bear and you don’t want to limit your abilities to participate in a good Care Bear Stare. In which case, ignore everything I’ve said about body temperature. It all makes sense now.

Porter Grey Tie Waist Shirtdress with Cutout – $385

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