Short Knit Leggings

You know how, for the last few months, I’ve posted a few times about the 90s resurgence? And in a few of those posts, I mentioned that I wore a lot of bike shorts back when I was a kid.

Man, I am so glad that no one’s bringing back bike shorts.

Wait a minute ….

Those short knit leggings look a lot like bike shorts.

In fact, if I saw someone wearing these on the street, I would probably exclaim “Whoa, look at those bike shorts!” Then she would have to respond with, “No, these are short knit leggings,” and I’d feel terribly rude, and would then apologize for insulting her.

Unless ….

They actually are bike shorts, and Forever 21 is just trying to make us think they’re innocuous by calling them “short leggings.” Because “short leggings” sound much more sophisticated than “bike shorts.”

I will say, their styling efforts just confirm that 90′s Amanda was way ahead of her time, because I also wore bike shorts with a t-shirt and studded cowboy boots. Man, I was so cool.

Forever 21 Short Knit Legging – $4.90

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