Droit, a Déclaré Fred 1

You don’t need to speak French to understand this shirt.

I know. Upon first glance, you think that there’s no possible way it could be – and then you read it again. And you know.

Take a moment to soak it in. Luxuriate in it. Savor it.

Because yes, this tank does read, “I’m too sexy for this t-shirt.”

To confirm that yes, the wearer is in fact too sexy for their t-shirt, the top of the back is shredded. It’s as if, by sheer force of the wearer’s sexiness, the tank has begun to rip itself away from her body, shamed by its comparative lack of sexy.

The shamed tank will run away in disgrace, only to meet a wise monk who takes it to a monastery and teaches it the ancient art of sexy. Then, the tank will return to its original wearer for a fight to the death. The tides of the battle turn several times, but at last, the tank emerges, victorious and too sexy for its wearer.

Forever 21 Too Sexy Tank – $14.90

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