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Alice in Wonderland had several clothing tie-ins – designer Sue Wong made a line of Alice-inspired dresses,  and related accessories were being sold at Hot Topic and Claire’s.

I didn’t realize that Temperley London was also doing an Alice-inspired line. Of course, their decision to base it on the Queen of Heart’s guards is a little unusual. As was their decision to place a giant diamond at the lower half of the dress, creating illusion of a giant arrow pointing toward the wearer’s crotch.

Does anyone else think this dress will be unintentionally hilarious when the wearer sits down? Because I think that, with the black part being folded, it will look like a giant mouth. I imagine it would be hard not to stare at it, or try and feed it.

No, seriously. I’d be quoting lines from Little Shop of Horrors and giggling endlessly. Which, on the upside, would distract other people from noticing how unflattering the giant diamond is.

Temperley London Mini Circa Dress – $995

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